Reunion 2020 POLL
Question # 5 - Would you prefer that we reschedule?

COVID-19 has affected us all!  Our Reunion Plans need to be reviewed so that we can responsibly continue with the best outcome for those who would like to participate in the festivities.  Please take a moment to click on ALL of the 5 QUESTIONS "Poll" below and answer the questions so that we can determine how to proceed with our Reunion Plans.  WE NEED THIS FEEDBACK BY JULY 3rd, 2020!  This is IMPORTANT due to Venues are requiring any changes by July 4, 2020.

Would you prefer that we reschedule the entire Reunion, both "ALL-CLASS" and "40th Fiesta" Class of '80 event until June of 2021?

Date Latest Polls Votes
27-Jun-20 Question # 5 - Would you prefer that we reschedule? 130 votes
26-Jun-20 Question # 1 - Wearing Masks 118 votes
26-Jun-20 Question # 2 - Option to Consider 111 votes
26-Jun-20 Question # 3 - Will You Attend? 113 votes
26-Jun-20 Question # 4 - Can you Commit to Attending the Reunion? 118 votes