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Fashion Trends That Will Rule This Fall
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Nov 17, 2021
7:47 PM
Fall is here, and with it come new trends to try out. Put your best foot forward because people will be looking at you this fall season. At Holapick, we scouted the fall womens clothing to help you shop the latest looks without making a headache out of yourself. Ditch those items from last year and start from scratch. For fall, we’re focused on layering up in the softest sweaters, because what’s better than sitting around in front of the fireplace during the crisp fall days? We want to keep you cozy, so here are some of our womens fall dresses for you to pick at Holapick.
The baguette bags are BACK!! aka the '90s-inspired tote bags are back with a vengeance.    Ladies, you need to get your hands on these awesome totes. They are awesome in every way! Not only is the unique material awesomely unique, but they are spacious. These awesome totes will make you look awesome all around. You can use them for holding books, shopping, or anything else that is awesome!
Sweaters tend to be warm and traditional, but this holiday season a whole new set of styles is making its way into the spotlight. The best way to rock these trends is by mixing and matching unexpected combinations for a look that's both wonderfully colorful and seasonally appropriate.
Skinny jeans will always hold a special place in our hearts, but for fall 2021, looser fall womens clothing like mom jeans, flares, bootcut and boyfriend jeans are the way to go. To balance out extra fabric on the bottom half of your body, we suggest wearing slim-fit T-shirts or tee shirts paired with blazers or Tunic tops.
Fall sweaters are what is trending in the fashion world. From monochrome cashmere pieces to oversized knits, these trendy pieces are wardrobe must-haves for the fall season. Vests are having a fall comeback. First seen on Doug in 2020, they are now refreshed for 2021. Just like with any womens fall dresses, the key is to match the vest’s theme and color with the rest of your outfit. To style correctly, wear a vest over a loose-fit shirtdress as the weather becomes cooler, or layer it over a button-down or turtleneck as colder days approach.
You know the moment you pull on a pair of jeans and go for a walk, everything is better. From shopping to meeting up with friends to simple errands or naps, it’s a guaranteed good time. Boost these moments by adding punchy fall trousers in your favorite patterns.
Bottom Line
There are so many womens fall dresses and light cardigans at Holapick, but what do you wear underneath? Fitted trousers or pantsuits are in vogue this season. Find fall womens clothing in punches, checkerboard, zebra stripes, and floral prints at Holapick.
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